If you’ve ever tried designing your own T shirts, then perhaps you’ve thought about entering T Shirt design competitions, but not known whether your designs would win.

Here’s why you should think about submitting your T Shirt designs.

1. You’re creative and you want to let other people see just how creative you are, and the sort of things that you can come up with.

2. You want your designs to be made into T shirts, and look forward to seeing your thoughts turn into reality.

3. You want people to wear your designs, and so you’ll need to get them printed somehow. You might as well try your luck in a competition?

4. If you want to see what other people’s designs are like, then why not enter a T Shirt design competition? You’ll be able to see what sort of designs are popular, and see if there are any influences that you can use.

5. If you want to see people wearing different t shirts, then why not get them to wear some of your designs? There are a lot of places that people can buy T shirts from these days, and people aren’t limited buy t shirt designs to thigh street stores.

6. If you want to win a prize then you’ll have to enter the competition. You can’t just sit and think if only, and what if. If you’ve got a design that you want to share, get on and submit it to a T shirt design contest. You’ll never know otherwise!

7. Perhaps you want to win the prize that’s on offer in a specific competition. If so, you’ll need to make sure that your design is chosen as the winner.

8. If you want to make money doing something you love, and you are creative, and have a good eye for T shirt design, then why not see if you can make this hobby more permanent, or at least enter more competitions and see if you can win again?

9. T shirt design is also a good way for you to improve your skills and designs, and make them more accessible. You might not have the change to fully flex your creative muscles at work, but there’s nothing stopping you from being a cool T shirt designer in your own time.

10. If you enjoy the challenge of creating something exciting from scratch, and really thinking long and hard about your work, then you’ll love the idea of designing your own T shirts. You can start off with a blank canvas, and the only limit is your imagination!