Sunrooms are more common in the southern United States than what one would find in the north.  The only real problem is that in the south, such as Florida, South Carolina, or even North Carolina,  the majority of sunrooms are actually half screened in decks and half screened in patios.  Most construction materials used are the typical Deck Contractors South Shore MA aluminum or powder coated steel framework that is screwed into the 4 X 4 posts supporting the roof overhang. In reality, these are just inexpensive, cookie cutter covered porches devoid of any character or quality.

A true high quality sunroom doesn’t rely on cheap metal framing that can be purchased from any large home improvement store. The average contractor, though, does just that when a customer asks about turning their covered patio into a sunroom.  Some contractors will add some extra touches such as basic moldings or somewhat more elaborate cornices.  When it all comes down to it though, it is still just a screened in patio.

Sunrooms can be designed in any shape and size, but all should be constructed with one aspect in mind; able to be comfortable and enjoyed all year round.  A proper sunroom will have some degree of insulation or be composed of construction techniques and materials that incorporate insulative properties in the design.  Even in the south the temperature can reach down to the 20 degree mark.  When the colder temperatures do arrive, a sunroom should not be a room too cold to be used, but an extension of the rest of the home.

Most home builders, deck builders, and home remodelers may be able to add a sunroom, however it takes a real artistic touch to incorporate a new sunroom into the overall design and feel of the rest of the home’s architecture.  That’s the difference between the exceptional contractor and the average contractor.  Make sure to carefully review past portfolios of the contractor’s work and check on any references which the contractor makes available.  After reviewing the options, the last one standing will be the best  home remodeler to incorporate the new room addition.

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