Prescription sleep agents, such as Ambien, have been known to cause some pretty peculiar behavior without the individual remembering any of the events once they are fully awake. Sleep-walking, driving in the middle of the night and even raiding the refrigerator are just a few of the behaviors acted out while under the influence of these drugs.

Although physicians argue that sedatives are not addictive, research shows that when taken in increased amounts or for longer than Order Xanax Online recommended periods of time, they can lead to dependency.

Same Potential Buy Xanax Online for Dependency as any other Drug

Dependency occurs as a result of a tolerance developing from taking the drug over a long period of time. The National Institute for Drug Abuse reports that what generally happens is that once tolerance develops individuals taking sedatives will find that they have difficulty falling asleep and so they will begin to self medicate with more of the drug to achieve the same result as before.

Really, developing an addiction to Ambien and other sleep agents is no different from building an addiction to any other drug. To understand how out of control addiction to sedatives has become, a study conducted by New York University School of Medicine reported that patients reported taking 10 to 20 pills a night as opposed to the one pill per day recommended dose. Doctors at NYU also suggest it is possible to become addicted if the individual takes the drug too frequently.