DIY CNC Laser Cutter

March 15, 2023

CNC technology is highly desirable in many shops and individuals today. These machines operate with hardly any human interaction, except for downloading the program, setting the tools up and pushing the start button. CNC machines can be very expensive on the one hand, but on the other, they can be very affordable too.

More companies are developing semi-portable units that are perfect for the small shop owners and hobbyists out there today. You still get the advantages of the CNC technology with one of these machines that you would with a larger unit. The speeds may be slower, but the small machines are designed for smaller jobs and the speed that they offer is just right for this specific work.

Another way of owning a CNC machine is by building one Atomstack yourself. You can find plans for different CNC machines across the internet. You can find free plans as well as ones that you have to pay for. It is a good idea that if you decide to go this route that you understand how to read a set a plans and that you understand the functionality of the machine that you are trying to create. Otherwise, it will be very hard for you to create a machine of this level.

Another option that you have is to purchase DIY CNC laser cutter kits. These kits help you to build this machine from the ground up. These kits basically come with everything that you need to build the machine, so there is no guessing if you have the correct parts or not.

All of the basic items are included like complete instructions, all the brackets that are needed, , dual drive, stepper drive motors, CNC drive and control boxes, guides, driver software and bearings. Do not be afraid to customize your machine by tailoring your kit to meet your needs. Add-ons and accessories can be added to the kit to fit your needs or your budget.

Another option is the bolt-together kit. If you can’t weld and put a machine together then try a bolt-together kit. With these kits all you have to do is bolt together the pieces with hand tools. Really, it is that simple.

Your budget and your skills and knowledge will determine which DIY CNC laser cutter kit you will need to purchase or possibly develop yourself. It can either be very simple or very difficult for you to create. Creating a machine of this caliber can fill you with pride, not to mention allowing you to become more creative and to expand your shop or your hobby to a whole other level.

Contact your dealer to see what type of kits that they have to offer and to discuss any other questions that you may have or the budget range. Or, if you want to do it completely by yourself, start searching the internet today to find that right set of plans for you.

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