Think of all the people you have met: that you seen on TV or in the movies. That’s a lot of people! There is a huge diversity of individual people and their personalities. Each person has their own Spirit. People are Spirits in physical form. Not every Spirit takes a physical form: some remain in Spirit Form (pure Energy).

Some people are naturally gifted to heal and guide. Likewise, in the Spirit World (the Universe), Spirits in Spirit Form still have their personalities, gifts and talents.

Not every Spirit is there to help you. Not every Spirit is nice and helpful. Some are bored, pranksters, jealous, mad, angry, lost or malicious. Not every Spirit in the Spirit World has “crossed over” (transformed Darkness in the Subconscious to Conscious Awareness) to the White Light (High Vibrational Energy).

There are lots of Spiritual Planes in the Spirit World. Earth is the Physical Plane in the Third Dimension. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Dimensions are where we do most of our Spiritual Healing and learn Life Lessons. Spirits who haven’t crossed over to the Highest Energy Dimensions (Love, Bliss, Compassion, Peace, Manifesting Dreams, etc) live in the Lower Energy Dimensions (Jealousy, Hate, Denial, Resistance, Apathy, Disease, etc).

Spirits who have crossed over work in all Twelve Dimensions and have very high Energy Vibrations. You can find a Energy Vibration Chart available at the Free Library on the Earth Girl Art website. The higher your Energy Vibration, the more you live in Bliss, Joy, Peace, Happiness,Kindness and Compassion. This doesn’t mean that you won’t experience negative events or emotions. It means that you have a Positive Energy Flow that will allow you experience the event and transform it into something positive and not stay stuck in the negative energy.

An example of transforming a negative event into a positive one is Susan G. Komen Breast Awareness. When Susan Komen died from breast cancer, her Mother was able to transform the grief into Breast Awareness and Research, which has a worldwide impact on education, prevention and research.

How to find a Spirit Guide Everything has a Spirit: rocks, trees, animals, people, dirt. Not every Spirit is a Spirit Guide. To find Spirit Guides with Positive Healing grappa franciacorta Energy you will work with certain plants, stones and spirits that are designated as healers and will always resonate at a very high Energy Vibration. You can ask any tree, stone, plant or animal if they are a Spirit Guide for raising Energy Vibrations higher and are they available to share Life Lessons and help you resolve some issues. Some will say “yes” and some won’t.

Healing Stones and Plants Certain Natural Stones (Turquoise, Clear Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, Labordorite), certain Plants and Herbs (Lavender, Cedar, Copal, Frankincense, Rose, Sage) contain Spirit Guides in them. All the Spirit Guides in these particular Stones and Herbs resonate at High Vibrational Healing Energy and are available to youThey will not ever contain negative energy.

Power Animals These are Spirit Guides in the energy form of animals. They contain both metaphysical and physical attributes. We learn from the natural behaviors and characteristics of the Spirit (Power) Animal.

Spirit Teachers Each Spirit Teacher has their specialty that can help to resolve issues, protect and guide you, teach Life Lessons and help you raise your Energy Vibrations and Conscious Awareness. All Spirit Guides, whether they are a Spirit in Energy Form or a Spirit in a Stone or Plant, are Spirit Teachers.

How to meet a Spirit Guide To find a Spirit Guide, start with cleansing and balancing your Chakras and Auras. Open your Third Eye and connect to the Universe. Ask the Universe to send you a Spirit Teacher. You can perform a Ceremony or just send a simple prayer. Sit quietly and let the Energy shift around you. You may sense the Spirit Teacher right away or later begin to notice a beautiful, peaceful, supportive Energy surrounding you.

If you are wanting to learn from a plant or stone, you will need to perform a Ceremony to Activate the stone or plant guide. See the Free Library at Earth Girl Art for instructions and chart with information on healing properties of Healing Stones and performing a Ceremony.

Treat the Spirit Teacher as you would a real person who is a Teacher: with respect. Acknowledge them and treat them as a friend who you respect and honor their knowledge.

Using a Spirit Guide When you travel in the Universe (Dreamtime, the Spirit World), it is HUGE out there! There are many paths, dimensions and many spirits. Some paths and dimensions are good for you and some aren’t. Some Spirits are good for you and some aren’t.

When you Activate a Healing Stone Spirit like Clear Crystal, that Guide will help you navigate finding the answers, discipline and action you need to take. Frequently you are taken on journeys into Dreamtime to see the bigger picture. You can Activate a Healing Stone like Labordorite that will open specific portals to the path that has the answers you are looking for. This helps to keep you from getting lost or distracted and keep you on a safe journey.