Forest City is seen as maybe the earliest man made island having all of the workplaces that make it a smart city.

Plan and Idea

It covers an area of around 30 sq. miles, Forest City involves four man-made islands (approx 20 sq. km) as well as a golf resort. IBS current park (10 sq. km) and the advancement time is some place in the scope of 25 and 30 years.

Splendid Eco-CityVertical Greening

The outsides of designs are covered with plants, making a Forest natural elements.

Splendid and safe city

Forest City embraces cut off organization and a refined security system.

Living in paradise

The freehold status and the stunning sea view give Forest City a living paradise for all occupants

Guidance and Medical care

Forest City has set out on joint endeavors with Shattuck St. Mary’s School, and MJ Gathering

Ample accommodations

satisfying your entire entertainment and living necessities

City that is integrated

Through an endeavor amounting to USD100 million, Forest City will be changed into a keen eco-city

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