Change is the characteristic aspect of every process and with change there happens evolution something which can be seen happening with mobile phones world over.

The time when mobile telephony had just started, there were available mobile phones which were quite bulky and were devoid of any extra features. The same vary extra features now forms the primary part of any advanced mobile handset of recent times.

Premier mobile handset manufacturers are coming in with their latest high end gadgets on a daily basis. An high end latest mobile gimmick should be packed with nearly all the ravishing features which are popular these days. These include reliable connectivity specifications (GPRS, GPS, miniUSB port, Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with A2DP), a reliable and powerful built in camera (of power 5 MP or more), a superior quality encased standard Li-ion battery, major entertainment attributes (built in music player, FM radio 手機拍攝技巧 with RDS, stereo speakers and audio jack), and finally some business attributes (document reader, Java compatibility, Email, Instant messenger etc.).

Such latest mobiles can easily be purchased with primary mobile phone makers of UK viz. Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC etc.

The leading mobile phone giant, Nokia’s gallery of latest mobile handset has been made with nearly all types of gadgets including cheap mobile phones, mid sized entertainment gimmicks and technically advanced high end PDA devices.

Models such as Nokia N97 mini (an stylish looking touch phone with PDA functionality), Nokia 5630 Xpressmusic (an entertainment widget for average users), Nokia 6760 Slide (the highly popular touch gimmick of Nokia featuring built in side out slide full qwerty keyboard),Nokia N86 8 MP (the phone dedicated for entertainment and mobile photography), are few of the highly popular Nokia handsets among UK populace.

Another popular mobile phone giant, Sony Ericsson has got the distinction of floating in cheap average handsets which are packed with all the commonly required mobile attributes. Some of the celebrated mobile gimmicks of this goliath handset maker are: Aino, Jalou, Satio, Yari, XPERIA pureness etc.

Amongst all the above mentioned models, Aino is a superior looking touch cum slider phone while another popular touch phone Satio is a full fledged touch device showcasing 3.5 inch TFT touchscreen. Besides having been studded with such amazing touch screen, another prime USP of Satio is built in 12 MP camera encapsulating images at ultra resolution of 4000×3000 pixels.