How to Take Measurements Before Buying a Bomber Jacket Online

September 30, 2022

If you are planning to order a bomber jacket online you need to Get Imaphotic Kimono be certain that you are ordering the correct size jacket.

Perhaps you have an idea that you should be ordering an XL mens bomber jacket, for instance, but maybe you should really be ordering a Plus Size bomber jacket. This snap lesson in sizing yourself for bomber jackets takes the mystery out of the process.

Step 1 Get your tape measure and close yourself in a room or closet where the family won’t interfere. Or ask someone you trust, and who has a modicum of patience, to assist you. You need a piece of paper and a writing instrument too.

Step 2 First measure your chest or bust at the broadest point. The tape measure should not sag at the back. Neither should it be too tight to make yourself seem slimmer than you are. It should just be held firmly around you. Write down the measurement below the first measurement, and continue to write the rest of your measurements in a column, one measurement beneath the other.

Step 3 Now measure your waist at the point where you wear your skirt or pants. You can measure over a shirt, but don’t measure over a jersey, jacket or belt. Write down that measurement too.

Step 4 Measure your hips at the fullest part. Stand with your feet together and measure around the largest part of the seat. This is important. Don’t forget to write down the inches.

Step 5 Measure the shoulder. Essentially you should measure across the top of the shoulder between the vertical seams of a real or imaginary jacket. Write down the result.

Step 6 Next you measure the sleeve. Take the measurement in a zigzag from the center of the collar bottom, across the shoulder, down along the elbow to the sleeve cuff. Write down the inches.

Step 7 Now measure the bottom of collar to waist. This is from the bottom of the collar down to the bottom of the pants waistband. Write down the measurement.

Step 8 Finally measure from the bottom of the collar to the inseam. Don’t panic. I will tell you what the inseam is in a moment. The inseam is the measurement from the snug in the crotch to the bottom of the pants.

Right. Now you have a little column of figures. Go get yourself a soda or a cup of coffee and sit down at the PC. Open your browser and proceed to Mens Bomber Jacket  In the navigation bar you will find a link to a page called bomber jacket sizes, which our bomber jacket expert Delia Ann Kennedy has drawn up for you. Find the column of figures that tallies with your column of figures and see what size you are. It’s a breeze.


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