Today let’s talk about writing posts for your blog, Facebook timeline or groups, or anywhere else you post the articles you write. Here I would never outsource my article writing ever. I want everything I write and put my name on in any posts to be MINE. This is my experiences, this how i feel, and this is what I want to give to my readers. No one else can produce copy that is really yours except YOU.

This is so very important to me, and to becoming an authoritative figure on the internet. Imagine people reading your stuff and isaimini formulating an opinion of you, and what they are reading was not even written by you. That is just bogus to me and not an honest way to do internet marketing. You need to write your own articles. That way you are the person, the presence that is writing to them. That is why so many times when I write articles, I talk about not only my business but about my life too. Because I am ME. And I want my readers to know me and connect with me. If i just talk business, then i am just another trainer, not a real person. Always be yourself when you write. Try to always say what you really feel, and what you are really trying to tell people. NEVER be afraid of being honest when you write. If people hate your honesty, so be it. But at least you get an opinion from them.

When i write my articles, I don’t mind whatever comments or feedback readers give me. If they want to tell me what I wrote is great, that is wonderful. And I always thank them for their compliments. If they want to tell me that my article sucks so be it. That is what writing is about. To get a reaction, and of course to inform and educate. In fact if you look at the comments on my blog, you will see I post all relevant comments good or critical. At least I got noticed. At least people are reading what I wrote. My own stuff I wrote myself. Not some copy I outsourced.

When you are writing for posts, try and give your readers valuable quality information. Remember this is your audience. These are the people you are trying to establish a rapport with. You are trying to let them get to know who you are and trust you and listen to what you are writing about. Imagine you are an actor and performing to your audience. You try to be as convincing in that role, and come across as real as you can possibly be. You are acting but yet you are putting your own personality into the character you are playing. It is the same thing when you write. You need to come across to your readers, your audience, as impressive as you can be. But at the same time keeping it real. It’s about you and your thoughts, and experiences that you are trying to portray to your readers. I believe this paragraph is the most important part of writing that you can learn.