Minimize Insurance Agent Cold Calling by Maximizing Insurance Agency Web Seminar Marketing

In the October issue of Rough Notes, there was a comprehensive review of an insurance agency web seminar marketing series. I would describe Rough Notes as an insurance agency industry trade publication. The agency president who was interviewed for the article, Ron Cooperman, stated that his agency producers no longer make cold calls, since all of their prospects know of their agency through the web seminars. Thus, every call made was essentially a “warm call”. This likely comes as a seemingly foreign concept to many insurance agency producers, who are routinely directed to “pound the phones” to fill up their pipeline.Création site internet : pourquoi choisir une agence web ?

According to Mr. Cooperman, their insurance agency web marketing focused on educational topics. They never tried to sell their insurance products or services agence web Lyon, they only sought to engage their prospective clients with a long term approach, building trust in advance of any sales cycle opportunity. Mr. Cooperman’s perspective seemed to embrace the concept that the agency can and should help agency producers fill up their pipelines, thus ensuring an optimum number of qualified prospects, which would then yield an appropriate number of new business accounts.

eMarketing and web seminars have been around for over a decade, though they are now coming into keen focus as the price point for cloud computing based technology is affordable for any small business. Some of the major players in the cloud computing web seminar space include: Citrix, WebEx, Adobe and Microsoft, though there are many, many more. There are also free webinar solutions, which offer fewer users or features, but can accommodate even the slimmest of budgets. Some solutions offer both a conference call telephone line and Voice over IP (VoIP), others only offer one or the other.


With some practice, know how and patience, web seminar marketing can enhance insurance agency marketing plans and boost the prospect pipelines for their insurance agents (producers). Cold calls can ultimately transform to warm calls, because the ongoing rapport building through an educational web seminar series synthesizes the branding and awareness for the agency and agent alike. It’s important to remember that insurance agencies should leverage this type of marketing program as a rapport building opportunity, not an opportunity to pitch their insurance agency products, services or solutions. Prospective clients will return again and again for educational nuggets, but they will run for the hills if an agency turns the webinar into little more than a thinly veiled sales pitch. Insurance agency web seminar marketing is one of the key virtual business tools agencies should now leverage, along with inbound marketing including SEO, blogging, epublishing and social media marketing.

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