The “Output Audio Device” is basically the piece of hardware which is being used by Windows to help process the various pieces of information that your PC may want to process as “audio”. We’ve found that although there are a lot of potential problems with this part of your system, the fact is that many of Windows’ most important settings are tied up in being able to play back the sounds you want on your PC… and if you cannot hear any sounds, it’s a problem that’s likely caused by a number of potential issues, including everything from your system not having the files that it needs to run, as well as having a number of possible driver errors.

Why Windows Will Not Recognize An Audio Output Device

There are a number of possible reasons why Windows will not recognize an audio output device, which will include:

  • The soundcard / audio chip will be corrupted
  • Your version of Windows will not be able to process the driver it requires
  • Your system will have a large number of settings problems that prevent it from running correctly


In order to repair any of the possible audio output problems that your PC may have, you first need to make sure that your PC is able to read the various driver options it needs, as well as ensure that your PC has no settings problems that are serious enough to prevent  keluaran hk  the likes of the audio from playing.

How To Fix Unrecognized Audio Output Device Problems

The first step is to make sure that you don’t have any problems with the audio-processing hardware on your PC. This is done by first opening up the PC case, and then making sure that either the sound card, or the audio device inside is plugged in correctly, and that there is no possible chance of it causing problems. This will ensure that the hardware is working smoothly, allowing your computer to run much smoother as a result.

It’s recommended that you are also able to clean out any of the drivers that may be preventing the audio from processing. This is best done by downloading a “driver update” tool, and then using it to scan through your hardware, ensuring that your system is able to operate all of its devices in the most effective way possible. Getting a driver update application to help you with this problem is probably one of the most common ways to resolve the problem of no audio – and we’ve found that a program called “Driver Finder “is the most effective for doing that.

Finally, you may wish to use a registry cleaner to clean out any of the problems that would be causing issues inside your PC. A registry cleaner is a piece of software that’s able to fix the various errors with the settings of Windows, and is used widely to help repair such problems as “DLL” errors, registry errors and runtime errors. To resolve the problems you’re experiencing, you may wish to use a registry cleaner application to fix any of the possible problems that your system may have.