Some characters on WOW have the ability to breathe underwater, some will use elixirs or other consumable items to get the ability to breath underwater for a period of time. But if you wish you can have the breath underwater ability all the time, that is if you have the proper item on you, and you can have many items that do just that.

First and foremost you have the Deepdive Helmet. This is an engineering item, and you will need to have 230 in engineering to use it. It’s head armor with +15 stamina, so that isn’t so bad. You can buy the schematic for it for 36 Silver from Jubie Gadgetspring, in south central Azshara at (45,90).

The problem is that you need to be engineer to use it.

Band of Icy Depths on the other hand is a ring that you can choose as a reward for the completion of “The Wrath of Neptulon” quest. This ring will give you +19 Stamina and +20 Frost Resistance as well as the underwater breathing ability. The problem is you will need to be 60 to get this quest, and it’s a chain one as well, but if you can get it – it’s worth it. One little not so known fact – This item has the highest vendor sell price in-game as for WoTLK at least.

Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole is… well, a fishing pole you can buy for 102 Gold, 43 Silver and 58 Copper. You can buy it from Sairuk in Dragonblight (48,75), or from Tanaika in Howling Fjord (25, 58). One thing, you will need to be exalted with The Kalu’ak to buy it and 70 level or more to use it, but you can use it as weapon as it do 186.5 damage per second. You will also have Fishing +30.will you use this pole.

Hydrocane is a weapon that drops from Viscous Fallout a level 28-30 Elite in Gnomergan. This is a two-hand staff that you can equip from level 27, it gives you +15 Frost Resistance and it do 26.6 damage per second. This item is very useful for low level but if you are high level you will lose you weapon for the underwater breathing ability. Also you will need to be able to use a staff.

Hook of the Master Angler is anther nice one. This is a trinket so you can have it on when you need it and it will not disturb your “item setting” most of the time. This will turn you into a fish, granting water breathing and increasing your swimming speed by 25%, so that is another bonus for you. Attacking or casting while in this form breaks the effect. Does not work out of water or at the water’s surface. Also if you perform any action (like mining) you will loss the buff, but it have only 5 second cool down.

To get this item you just need to win the Stranglethorn Vale Buy wow gold  Fishing Extravaganza, that is to be the FIRST PERSON to bring Master Angler 40 Tastyfish fished from the Tastyfish schools found along the coast of Stranglethorn before anyone else does. The Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza is held every Sunday between 2-4pm game time.

One more thing – you don’t have to have a high level to use it, but you do need to win the contest so you need to be 40 level at least.

So for calculation, you have several options to get your underwater breathing ability, each option with it’s advantage and disadvantage. It’s your choice to pick what to use.