The Unknown Exoplanet (Worlds Beyond) (In Poetic Prose))

October 22, 2022

A man of old age-like me, fades like an old paint job on an old automobile if you rub it too hard; his bones are like old rusty bolts they break easily like iron hit with a hammer in the Arctic, and the engine of the heart putts and knocks like the engine of a 1927, Model T Fort, therefore before my memory gnaws and clogs, let me write this account out, it is actually recent, so I should get most of the facts right.

This is a first time account of the first true origin of finding a new planet in a new constellation, #89, still unnamed, as is the exoplanet, unnamed, and referred to as such-according to Dr. Butch McGee, because “… the outer most region of the new planet’s atmosphere comprised of artificially radioactive elements unknown to chemists and physics, the nucleus within the protons of the atoms do not constitute anything we fundamentally know to be part of the universe beyond this region of unknown space.” But let me backtrack a bit, I’m getting ahead of myself.

This account I am telling you has been put into a secret chamber so no one will learn the verity of this matter for at least a generation, as the superintend has said, “It is better unread, until we know more… ” so this is what I’m doing. And if you are reading it before, 2049 A.D., than someone stole the cylinder I placed it in.

Some who will read this brief, will surely remember Professor G. B. McGee, who continues to work-perhaps dead now-continued to work at the Louisiana Space Station, in 2015 and 2016.

According to my recollection, what he said was, “At first what I saw was a mere flickering shadow, then suddenly a bodily lightness, a shining blur… “

Then he explained there were brief intervals he saw the sphere, as if hanging in midair, stone still, no moon in an incomprehensible blackness.

He told us all during our meeting, several of us, where Professor Hightower was at the head of the table, he was puzzled by the supposed phenomena, for he had seen into a cauldron and conflicting area of space: actually I’d say into space and time, and a quantum constellation of stars, mysterious and as dark as the unknown sphere-except with lit with a flicker of the sun’s rays: he calls an exoplanet, where far-off in the distance is a lone star.

After a brief break, Dr. McGee, went on to tell the committee, “At first I saw only a lighten-flash, and thereafter came lesser flashes, throughout what might have been the outer gloom of the sphere.”

The question that came up at the assemblage table that day, a few months now past, was by Professor Hightower, “What did you actually find worth journaling?”

“You don’t need to know the constellation, there is more out there I presume that will appear and disappear in time yet to come, and it is unknown to all of us anyhow at the present, and you don’t need to even know the planet although it is there, what I need to know is the first sun or star beyond the last one, so I can tell you what you want to know;” said McGee.

Well, for me that was all dandy, but I needed more info, to pull it all together, and Butch seeing this in my facial expressions, went on to explain: “The Kepler Space Telescope, as we all know, is hunting for other worlds, hoping the planets have the four basic elements, water, air, fire and earth (soil or dirt) and from there we head on to the other one-hundred and fourteen elements man can and for the most part has name, but I’ve discovered 27-new elements within this region of space… ” he hesitated to see if everyone was paying attention. Professor Hightower was actually vainly trying to recover his equilibrium and settle himself down some in his chair, once settled he said, “What was the force of gravity?”

Well, we all knew the surface gravity depends on the size of the star or sun, and its radius, – this would also determine any other planets circulating around the sun, but there was of course none, Exoplanet was a sole, solar system planet, at a standstill, just floating as if it was a spacecraft and not a planet at all, somewhat like a hummingbird.

Said Professor Butch McGee, “We are going to step into quantum theories now since this planet we’ve discovered is as I’ve already mentioned a lone planet, in a lone region of space perhaps twenty-billion miles in diameter, which has no comets or asteroids, it would seem it is of an antimatter borough of space for better put, region of melee space, except for the sun, which is some 4.5 billion miles away from the planet, that we know nothing about. Space here is cold and the gravity of the star does not pull the planet as expected, but pulls within itself and thus the surface of the planet is unaffected by this celestial body.”

“Give me your best guess, why?” exclaimed Hightower. Today World Info

McGee hesitated: “I believe the telescope has picked up visual sensations in an abnormal time and space region of the universe, when it was at a standstill, perhaps some 13.8 billion years ago, when lightness and materiality: that is to say, the physical substance, matter of the universe was being created, matter and antimatter, and when matter was in the process of superseding antimatter, and this is a pocket it did not dominate. Perhaps if I had lived then, I would have floated like feather in midair, much like the dark planet, which is a tinge frigid-who’s to say.”

“Like a feather,” commented Hightower, “we can’t write that in a science journal! File 13 it; in old Army talk that is trash it, or put it away for the next generation to figure out. I mean what you are telling me is antimatter has more intensity and gravity and dominates in this unknown region in an unknown time period, and has no effect on an unknown planet we have no name for! And besides all this unknown stuff: we are looking at an unknown form of gravity that has no pull on a planet, or intensity to wrench it, not one iota! Except perhaps for the frigidness you mention.”

I knew it was hard to swallow, and I really couldn’t digest it, but I said nothing and went and talk to Father Marcello my old amigo, and an Exorcist, the following day on this supposedly paranormal spiritual situation, for a salutation, and he wasn’t present, but Father P. Hebert, who had just had his 25th Anniversary as a priest, and whose expertise was in Science & Environment, said plainly: “Job didn’t know nor do I know, nor do you evidently know nor does the scientists of today know what is in God’s storm room, which to God is simply a museum, and to us, these new discovers will just have to wait until He decides to open up the second door, to the store room for mankind to fully understand, the unexplainable!”

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