Vehicle Tracking – Mobile Workforce Realtime Routing!

March 16, 2023

There was a time when fleet managers simply had no idea what went on once their field workers or dispatch drivers left the premises.

Without any type of mobile workforce tracking, the problems of extended breaks, unauthorised journeys during business hours and unnecessary routing meant lost time leading to overtime and an increased wages bill! According to some studies, over half of employees working off-premises do not provide a truthful record of their working hours.

For SMEs and larger-scale operations alike, there wear and tear simply wasn’t any form of vehicle tracker to supply an efficient or accurate method to verify a driver’s location at any given time and ensure authorised vehicle use. Fleet owners had difficulty working with staff on measuring their job performance! Mobile phones alone, were not the answer!

GPS vehicle tracking can provide fleet managers and their business employers, vital realtime vehicle tracking data on when an employee starts a vehicle, arrives or leaves a job site, and when the vehicle terminates. A fleet tracking system owner will know exactly how much and how long the employee worked at each site and how long they worked during the entire day

Knowing the exact location of company vehicles means a fleet operator can quickly and easily make decisions to dispatch the vehicle closest to any job destination. As a result, GPS fleet tracking saves valuable fuel, reduces phone call time to drivers in the field, and dramatically improves client demand response times.

Many mobile workforce solutions supply realtime and archival routing data. By watching vehicles in transit, drivers can be advised on taking the most direct route, avoid or help drivers getting lost, and routed around traffic congestion and other road conditions.

Fleet tracking systems are customisable and can also incorporate accurate time/billing information, fully integrated into back office applications to automate payroll advice. Actual data on where drivers have travelled and where they are heading by combining location-and time-based information means fleet business owners can exactly track and verify employee hours worked.

Together with the elimination of manual time sheets a commercial vehicle tracking system saves time and human resources, streamlines back office productivity, improves customer service and ultimately, boosts a company’s bottom line.

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