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New York City is one of the best vacation / holiday destinations in the world for wheelchair users. The city is very wheelchair accessible and friendly.

Accessible wheelchair vans can be pre-arranged from the airports, or any other location, at the same rate as conventional vehicles. Taxi cabs in New York City are required by law to stop for wheelchair users and assist with putting their wheelchair in the trunk.

The vast majority of New York’s hotels offer wheelchair accessible rooms. Elevators are the rule in the city, with few exceptions and no exceptions in buildings higher than five-stories.

Every public bus in New York is wheelchair accessible. The process of getting on and getting off the bus is quick and easy. Every driver is both trained and assists 傷殘的士  wheelchair users with getting on and off the bus. Each bus has a special area to accommodate and anchor wheelchairs during transit. New York’ City’s bus system is only 100% wheelchair accessible, but it is extensive and serves every area of the city.

Almost all of New York City’s sidewalks are ramped at the street corners – very few are not. For the most part, the sidewalks are smooth and in excellent condition, especially in those areas frequented by visitors.

Quite a number of venues in New York, such as theaters, ballet, opera, etc., have special seating for wheelchair users. A number also offer discounts, and sometimes free admission, to the person accompanying the wheelchair user.

Electric scooters are sometimes a convenient alternative, when in New York City, to using a wheelchair. Scooter rentals are available from local vendors. They will deliver rented scooters to hotels and pick-up from the same. Often, the hotel bell staff will allow the scooter to stay and be charged in the luggage storage room. Sometimes it is easier to use a wheelchair around the hotel, plus it takes up less space in the room than a scooter. Here is one such electric scooter vendor in New York City:


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